Port Verge

Port Verge is the only significant port on the island of Questor and is the Diresharks’ seat of power. The climate is bitterly cold for most of the year, and the town’s sharply peaked roofs are dusted in snow and the river inlets are usually frozen throughout the winter.

Prince Kolberkon and the Diresharks rule here by the sword. The small island of Miiklar hosts the docks and much of the city’s wealth, and the Axe-Head Keep sits atop the only bridge to the mainland. The Diresharks use the keep to restrict access to Miiklar and create an effective caste system, separating the serfs who are bound to the farms on the mainland from the seafarers and raiders, who are free to enter or reside in Miiklar.

Port Verge is essentially the “second city” of Lhazaar. Prince Kolberkon is an able diplomat but lacks the material and personnel to challenge High Prince Rygar. His attempts to gather the necessary resources—and allies—to somehow best the Seadragon fleet may be felt in Port Verge, which is playing host to several foreign dignitaries at any time—as well as several lower-profile, less-scrupulous agents of those foreign powers, with whom Kolberkon feels he has a better chance of securing a deal.