Jarl Okurg Cloudreaver

Can be found at his office in the docks, a squat sandstone building whose door moves whisper-silently on its hinges. The inside is covered in soot and grime and smells of wood, sap, and something sweet and sickly.

Okurg himself is a titan of an orc, and even though his office seems to have extra-high ceilings just for him, he makes it look tiny and cramped. His muscles have muscles, and his muscles’ muscles have the scars and burns of a hundred street fights.

Jarl Okurg Cloudreaver is the dockmaster of Port Krez. Okurg seized the post of Dockmaster with a blend of undeniable competence and a seeming total invincibility in fistfights. His tenure as a reliable, honorable, though unkind steward of the port has been an invaluable service to the Cloudreavers, who might otherwise be expected to have someone more temperamental and inconstant at the position.