In accordance with a request received by your office dated January 2, 2070, a Level III background investigation was initiated concerning Dr. Samantha Clara Hernandez. Transmitted herewith is a summary memorandum containing the partial results of this investigation, along with copies of interviews providing details of information contained in this summary memorandum.

You will be advised if additional information concerning Dr. Hernandez becomes available.

Sincerely yours, Johnathan M. Baker Assistant Director Criminal Investigative Division

NOTE: This case was opened on January 6, 2070. Dr. Hernandez is currently a practicing trauma surgeon at Virginal Hospital Center in Arlington, VA. She is being investigated for selection into the ALNITAK Program.


Birth: Dr. Hernandez was born on October 13, 2031 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Education: Dr. Hernandez graduated from Richard Montgomery High School, Rockville, MD, in June 2049. She received a B.S. in Chemistry from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL on December 14, 2053 and then her M.D. at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD on May 27, 2058. She received a Master’s degree in Chemistry from Penn State University in State College, PA on May 26, 2068.

Military Service: Dr. Hernandez was enrolled in the Northwestern Naval ROTC, and upon receiving her M.D. was commissioned into the U.S. Navy Medical Corps as an Ensign. She completed two overseas deployments, serving at Ourilândia do Norte during Operation Salvar Amazonia and at FOB Kosan during Operation: Ranging Tiger. She retired from the service on February 10, 2066 with the rank of Commander. Navy Personnel Command telephonically confirmed this information on January 8, 2070.

Employment: Dr. Hernandez is currently a employed at the Virginal Hospital Center in Arlington, VA as a staff surgeon. No information on previous employments, besides her military service, was provided.

Family Status: Dr. Hernandez resides alone in Bethesda, MD. Dr. Hernandez’s mother and father, Sophitia Oraya and Joseph Russell Hernandez, are both deceased. Dr. Hernandez’s husband, David Jeffrey Folbourne, is deceased.

Dr. Hernandez listed the following living close relatives:

Brother: Fredrick Duncan Hernandez Brother: Jordan Stefan Hernandez Son: Soren Rafael Hernandez

Based on background information provided by Dr. Hernandez, she has no close relatives residing in communist-controlled countries.


Dr. Patrick Ramsey Rinsler, a practicing anesthesiologist and colleague of Dr. Hernandez at the Virginia Medical Center, was interviewed. He advised that he had been briefly acquainted with her in secondary school but had not been in contact after graduation until she began work at the Virginia Medical Center. He stated that he was unaware of any current or past illegal drug use or alcohol abuse by Dr. Hernandez. He indicated that he has no reason to believe that Dr. Hernandez exhibits bias or prejudice against any religious, racial, or ethnic group.

He further offered that he very strongly admires Dr. Hernandez’s work ethic, describing her as “tireless, to a fault.” When prompted about this, he stated that he believes that she works long hours as a manner of coping with the loss of her husband. He clarified, stating that he didn’t believe that it was avoidance of an unresolved emotional burden; merely that she sought to model her professional life after the Stoics. It is unclear if Dr. Rinsler was being truthful in his defense. Pressed further, he stated that he believes her long shifts and her full engagement at work, and at her activities outside of work, may be having a deleterious effect on her social life. He indicated that he had witnessed her falling asleep at a social function. He hastened to add that believes she has the full respect of her friends and colleagues, and that her tiredness after hours was not severely damaging. Again, it is difficult to know how truthful Dr. Rinsler’s statements are in these contexts.

Dr. Rinsler stated that he believes Dr. Hernandez lives within her financial means, elaborating by indicating that her lifestyle was “understated” and “spartan,” despite her yearly income as a trauma surgeon. He related that he has a great deal of faith in her and believes she is worthy of a position of trust and responsibility.

Mary Elizabeth Folbourne, Dr. Hernandez’s sister-in-law, was interviewed. She advised that she and Dr. Hernandez became very close starting around 2060, when Dr. Hernandez met David Folbourne. She indicated that she has no reason to believe that Dr. Hernandez exhibits bias or prejudice against any religious, racial, or ethnic group. She also stated that she is unaware of any current or past illegal drug use or alcohol abuse by Dr. Hernandez, but indicated that this surprised her. When asked to explain, she stated that she, Dr. Hernandez, and Mr. Folbourne were heavily involved with an amateur theater group. When asked, again, to elaborate, she stated that many of their friends in the group did use illegal drugs such as marijuana, hashish, LSD, and MDMA, especially while attending musical performances, but she attested that she had never witnessed Dr. Hernandez use any of these drugs or any others, and indeed, she had the impression that Dr. Hernandez always refused them.

Ms. Folbourne’s comments spurred further investigation into Dr. Hernandez’s associates in the amateur theater group. Of the fourteen individuals investigated, two have been previously arrested for possession of controlled substances, but none have been arrested for or suspected of distribution. One is a self-described communist and he, as well as two others, self-describe as anarchists. None have any connections to any communist governments or known terrorist or militant organizations. This circumstance was assessed as low risk warranting no further investigation.

Ms. Folbourne commented favorably on Dr. Hernandez’s character and worth ethic, stating that Dr. Hernandez was a loyal friend and highly capable of switching between her roles as a professional, as an amateur performer, and as a companion. She recommended Dr. Hernandez for a position of responsibility and trust.

Twenty-two additional persons, consisting of colleagues, neighbors, professional associates, and social acquaintances, were interviewed. They provided favorable comments concerning Dr. Hernandez’s character, associates, reputation, and loyalty. They stated that they are unaware of any current illegal drug use or alcohol abuse by Dr. Hernandez, nor have they ever known her to exhibit any type of bias or prejudice against any class of citizen or any type of religious, racial, or ethnic group. They also commented that they believe Dr. Hernandez lives within her financial means. They recommended her for a position of trust and responsibility.

Further details concerning the aforestated facts, additional interviews, transcripts, and vital records follow.