Agent Fourteen,

I’m in receipt of your market ears report. Your customary thoroughness and thoughtfulness of analysis are commendable, and so I shall commend them! Allow me to suggest, though, that Abbey’s comments about Madame Red are rather more likely to corroborate the priest’s story about their encounter than to contradict it. Consider that Abbey is unlikely to offer comment on Madame Red’s generosity in that context unless she is motivated to do so, for some reason, and that a likely motivating factor for a comment is that Red’s frugality necessitates that Abbey wax grateful in order to earn her keep. It’s a possibility to follow up on if you have the resources to do so.

This next week is going to be a busy one. We have a lot of schemes coming together and a lot of leads that are likely to be generated all at once. I recommend that you keep Ten and Fifteen on the market beat, because we need someone of your caliber for a particular assignment in the Court of Wee Jas. As always, you have wide discretion to accomplish the mission however you need, but I’ve had Agent Eight doing prep work this one, and he suggests a middle-depth undercover op. One of you would assume the role of an adjudicator, the other a scribe. I suggest you take on the adjudicator role. It’s the higher-contact role, but it’s also far easier for you to command the op from that role than it is to do so from the scribe role. Work with Agent Eight. He’ll walk you through role adoption, maintenance, and contingencies, and he’ll be by your side throughout the op to cover for any breaches and to reduce contact risks.

He’ll also give you a more thorough briefing on the primary and secondary objectives, but to get you interested: we have reason to believe that some of the adjudicators in the court are not held to the same unimpeachable moral standard as the rest are. It naturally makes one wonder if there is a core-periphery dynamic at play or if there exist outside influences on the court… but until we can get some trained eyes and ears in the court, it is merely speculation.

Just the sorts of possibilities you like to explore, no?

I understand you have reservations about undercover work, but this is a case where your keen analysis is going to be needed during the op to determine likely leads and to make pivots. You’re one of our brightest, Fourteen, and I think you’ll pick up the art of cover sooner than you think.

Plus, I know you and Agent Eight have a particular chemistry together. Don’t worry, I’m offended by neither the spark of your affections nor the covers you keep them under, and Hell, I encourage both. What’s the point of all the work you do for the world if it’s for a world that affords you no love?

Just don’t let it get you caught.

Agent Three